The Script Tease Project

September 15, 2014 

Script Tease borrows from the NTOW flagship show, Impromptu Splendor (The Improvised Play) but there are some dangerous twists added to the mix.
Forever pushing the boundaries of what theatre and improvisation can be, notorious crowd pleasers, Naomi Snieckus, and Matt Baram, ask renowned playwrights from Canada and beyond, to pen the first two pages of a new play…only TWO (A tease). Those pages are sealed in an envelope. Each night the actors open up an envelope (having never seen its contents before), read it cold, and completely improvise the rest! The cast have finished plays started by Brad Fraser, Mark McKinney, Daniel McIvor Judith Thompson, Morris Panych, Woody Harrelson, John Patrick Shanley, Hannah Moscovitch, Linda Griffiths, and Norm Foster.

How the show works.

Famous playwrights are asked to write the first two pages of a new play that they don’t intend on finishing. The stage manager makes copies of the scripts for the actors but seals them in manila envelopes before they can read them. Although the actors have no access to the scripts prior to the performance, they do know certain things going in. The playwrights complete a questionare wherein they are asked to name their three characters, describe the scenery, and offer up a piece of music that might feel appropriate. The playwrights also entitle their plays but that is all the actors know.

The improvisors welcome the audience and announce the name of the Playwright who has offered their two pages that night. The actors lead a brief discussion involving the playwright’s body of work including a conversation about their particular style.

In a city filled with stellar comedic talent, Matt Baram (and) Naomi Snieckus… are something special – People and Chairs

The audience is then asked to relate personal stories and topics that are affecting them right now in their community. When that discussion is over, Naomi and Matt open their envelopes and begin to read the scripts cold. When the two pages are done, the actors set aside their pages and improvise the rest as though the playwright had written the whole thing.



Impro Theater LA 1727 N. Vermont Ave, #211, Los Angeles, CA 90027


April 1st – Michael McLennan
(Bomb Girls, Bitten, The Fosters)
April 8th – Sean Reycraft
(90210, Killjoys)
April 15th – Tim Mcauiffe
(The Office, Last Man on Earth)
April 22nd – Joel Cohen
(The Simpsons)






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