The Carnegie Hall Show

October 25, 2014 

Travel back in time with three of Toronto’s finest comic minds as they celebrate the ordinary and glamorize the mundane. These acclaimed, award-winning performers look back through the ages to bring you “The Greatest Improvised Scenes Ever Performed”! Made up from scratch before your very eyes! Replete with witty dialogue, acclaimed special guests and occasional emotional breakdowns. Featuring Second City alumni Naomi Snieckus (CBC’s Mr. D), Matt Baram (CityTV’s Seed) and Chris Gibbs (Winnipeg Comedy Festival). Waylen Miki on the keys! So grab a tux, a tie, a frock, a boa, and join us on the last Wednesday of every month.

The Carnegie Hall Show was born in Toronto, Ontario during the winter of 2008. Performing every Wednesday, the show grew its audience and has become a hit on the Toronto Comedy Scene, with a 2010 Canadian Comedy Award for best improv troupe.

The first half of the show consists of ‘The Retrospective’, an improvised “awardsshow-esque” celebration looking back at some of the greatest improvised scenes of all time, based on a suggestion from the audience. The second half of the show consists of an improvised old time radio play replete with witty dialogue, live foley, and fake commercials. Every show is peppered with some incredible special guests who sing, dance, juggle, hula and bring variety and pizazz to the evening’s proceedings.But all this is really just an excuse for three of Toronto’s finest comic minds to have fun with an audience and each other while wearing tuxedos.

The show is also a variety show. The amazing range of acts that have graced The Carnegie Hall Show stage includes acrobats, mimes, excellent puppeteers, not so excellent puppeteers, dancers, other dancers, people who just fall over, mentalists, magicians, sinister evil men who are merely wishing us to come over to their way of thinking and, of course, religious people.

Every night is a night to celebrate when it’s a night at The Carnegie Hall Show!

Nose snorting, thigh slapping, stomach hurting, pee your pants laughing – Sam Mooney, Mooney On Theatre
Top notch comedy is guaranteed – Justin Haigh, Plank Magazine
The geniuses behind the Carnegie Hall Show make their high wire act look easy … the groups imagination seems boundless – recalls the glory days of SCTV – Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine


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