io West And The Rest

November 7, 2016 

After playing to a lively packed house at io West in Hollywood California, Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus sit down with each other (well Matt stood and paced while Naomi sat) to discuss the show, their favourite moments and what lies ahead.

NAOMI: Wait, let me do my hair.

MATT: This is just you and me, we’re not being filmed.

NAOMI: Did we get cancelled?

MATT: It was always just you and me.

NAOMI: As it should be.

MATT: Yes. But you should really do something with your hair.

NAOMI: I’m wearing my pyjamas.

MATT: You are. And that’s okay because that’s where you are right now.

NAOMI: And I’m not depressed.

MATT: Let’s talk about what happened last night.

NAOMI: Oh no! What happened!?

MATT: You know. We were at io West in Hollywood, California.

NAOMI: Can I tell you something?

MATT: It’s generally how these things work.

NAOMI: Hollywood is the place “Where Dreams Come True”.

MATT: I believe you’re thinking about Disneyland. That’s in Anaheim.

NAOMI: We came to the wrong place?

MATT: Maybe. Hollywood is the place where dreams wither and turn into a man in a badly tailored Spiderman costume does summersaults on Hollywood Blvd.

NAOMI: Well if my dream was to be on stage with my handsome, talented, and funny husband in front of friends and strangers while having big laughs for an hour – my dream came true.

MATT: Was that your dream?

NAOMI: No. It’s to play Carnegie Hall, don’t kid yourself. But if it was my dream, I’d be thoroughly satisfied right now.

MATT: That’s so sweet. My dream is to eat a never ending pastrami sandwich as I explore the multiverse in the Starship Enterprise.


MATT: It was a great time though. It felt great to pack the place and hear the response to the running order we put together. Our hard work really paid off.

NAOMI: And people came out.

MATT: People came out. Which is not an easy feat here. There is so much going on here, it’s a miracle if you get people out.

NAOMI: We have to thank our crackerjack NTOW team.

MATT: Jen Pogue!

NAOMI: Deanna Palazzo!

MATT: They packed the place.

NAOMI: I don’t think there were any seats.

MATT: Well what kind of theatre doesn’t have seats. That’s an outrage.

NAOMI: No. There were no seats left.

MATT: Ah, that were unoccupied. Got it.

NAOMI: And it was nice to hear Americans speak the same language of jokes.

MATT: Where do we go next?

NAOMI: Next stop… Hollywood.

MATT: This is Hollywood.

NAOMI: Ah you’re right. So where do we go? Broadway! Or Broadview. Whichever is faster.

MATT: I’ll put this out there. I think we should do a Script Tease Project here.

NAOMI: Love it! Should we do a week? Or a weekly?

MATT: I was thinking one.


NAOMI: But dream big! We can do anything. I got into America without a passport.

MATT: Okay, you need to find that. What was your favourite sketch?

NAOMI: The Reunion Sketch.

MATT: Here’s the bit. It’s just audio.


NAOMI: I wonder if there were any big time producers there.

MATT: You mean no one offered you a movie deal?

NAOMI: Are you kidding me? I got seven TV Series deals.

MATT: Oh, they all just got cancelled.

NAOMI: Oh well, I had a good run.

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